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1-Hour Executor Boot Camp

Warning: Executors Do You Know Your Estate Duties?

In just one hour, you’ll discover how to probate an estate. You’ll learn the essentials to keep family peace.

Yes, you can overcome your fear of probate. You’ll become more confident and organized. You’ll save time and money. You’ll handle an estate quickly without worry and anxiety.

Is that possible without any legal mumbo jumbo?

There is no legal mumbo jumbo

You don’t need to know any law. You’ll get information executors cannot find anywhere else in spoon-sized servings. This is a practical course that no one else delivers.

Here’s Why:

My name is Ed Olkovich, and I designed Executor Boot Camp for you. I am the author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Estate Planning in Six Simple Steps for Canadians and a nationally recognized Canadian estate expert.

I have written numerous estate books, including Executor Kung Fu: Master Any Estate In Three Easy Steps.

I built a 35-year career as a Toronto estate lawyer helping executors.

I go to court to defend and sue executors. I know the common and costly mistakes executors make.

I wrote a free ebook called Ed’s Executor Essentials.

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Do you know why being an executor is a risky business? Because people can sue you if you make mistakes like this:

  • you break estate laws and regulations,
  • you do not follow the terms of the will, or
  • you fail to fulfill your legal duties.

You must learn your responsibilities as executor.

Here’s the good news:

Executor Boot Camp makes this easy.


Learn in 60 minutes in the comfort of your home, at your own pace. No prior experience is necessary.

What is Executor Boot Camp?

It’s a one-hour, online program designed for smart executors. Like you, they want to avoid liability and headaches.

You’ll learn:

  • New rules for being an executor
  • 3 issues every executor must handle
  • 10 things an executor should never do
  • How to see probate at a glance
  • Why you are an executor and fiduciary

Yes, as an executor you must know your legal duties.

I also explain your special powers as executor.

I created an Executor Mantra for your success.

You’ll also discover how to keep peace in the family and deal with hostile relatives. I’ll show you:

  • Secrets to probate
  • Steps to close an estate
  • The magic powers of a final release
  • Easy steps to make probate painless
  • Your legal duties in plain English

How to avoid Executor’s Disease™ (Don’t worry it’s not contagious.)

What Executor Boot Camp is NOT

It’s not a boring presentation full of legal jargon and complicated concepts.

It’s not a do-it-yourself guide about how to fill out every estate form in the universe.

It’s not an abstract guide about law for executors.

It’s not a substitute for legal advice. Every estate is different and you need a lawyer to advise you. Always check with an experienced estate lawyer before taking any action.

Executor Boot Camp can help you stay out of trouble and improve your confidence.

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Here’s what Boot Camp provides:

  • Executor Boot Camp Guide (80-page ebook) with easy-to-follow steps, a useful glossary and checklists
  • Executor Quick Start: Your Fast and Easy Beginner’s Estate Guide by Ed Olkovich ($40.00 value)
  • A one-hour Executor Boot Camp conference call with Ed Olkovich

You get them all for one low introductory price.

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Call 1.877.679.4557 to ask questions about the Boot Camp.

Here’s what others have said about Ed’s book, Executor Kung Fu:

“Easy to read and use.” – Milton Zwicker, Lawyer and Author

“Every executor should read this!” – Brad Huxtable, Lawyer

More About Your Instructor, Ed Olkovich

I am a leading estate specialist and author of numerous estate books, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Estate Planning for Canadians. In-demand as a lawyer and speaker, I help executors make probate painless. I frequently receive emails such as this:

“Thank you for your professional advice and lawyering … all accompanied with your patience and a sense of humour.” V.G., Toronto


“Ed’s books are fabulous, easy to understand and do not use complicated legal terms that frustrate most people.

He lays out, step by step, what you need to know to protect yourself and your family in estate matters.

His second book on executors is a must-read for everyone. It gives you the information you need to fulfill your duties as an executor.” J.K., Ottawa

Register now with my full money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose.

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• By Fax: 416-769-9440

• By Telephone: 1-877-679-4557

Ed Olkovich

p.s. My Boot Camp secrets are offered at a low introductory price. Take advantage of this limited time opportunity before it’s gone.

Executor Kung Fu (Ebook PDF)

Master Any Estate in Three Easy Steps

By Edward Olkovich

You Can Reduce Executor Stress
Being an executor is no easy job. Research shows most estate executors do not know what to do. With so many demands on your time you need a plan. You want to make sure you don’t forget anything important. Do you need to do everything by the book?
You want to keep peace in the family. You want to get things done quickly. What’s the best way to do all that?
Ed Olkovich has been an estate lawyer for over 35 years. He wrote Executor Kung Fu to share his probate secrets. Use his easy to follow executor guide to save time and money.

$19.99 (ebook PDF)

Please call 1.877.679.4557 for more information about this ebook.

Executor Kung Fu: Master any estate in three easy steps shows you how to:

  • take an estate inventory and distribute assets
  • understand what to do first
  • organize yourself to get things done right
  • deal with professional advisors
  • use the Executor’s Mantra to manage an estate
  • manage tasks with case studies, checklists, executor tools and summaries.

Complete with sample forms, tax tips, case studies, checklists, executor tools and summaries.

This practical ebook will keep you out of trouble and make probate painless.

Praise for Executor Kung Fu

“I like the way Ed breaks up complicated executor tasks into bite-size pieces that are easy to understand…”

- Wayne Baxter, CFP, Senior Associate, Investment Planning Counsel

Former Host of AM 740’s Right on the Money, Toronto


Executor Quick Start (Ebook PDF)

Your Fast and Easy Beginner’s Estate Guide

By Edward Olkovich

Quick start 3d1 211x300 Executor Quick Start   ebook
$39.99 (ebook PDF)

Please call 1.877.679.4557 for more information about this ebook.
You’ll get a basic overview of executor's work, and get introduced to the the common tasks and duties of handling an estate. You’ll be up to speed with plain language explanations, from Day One. What will you learn?

  • The first steps to take in an estate
  • Answers to the top 10 executor questions
  • The most important executor survival rules
  • Learn the executor mantra to reduce stress with a 65-point executor's checklist

Designed to build your confidence. This is useful even if you are only preparing to act as estate executor.